You're stuck on an island in the middle of the sea.

Fortunately, you're stranded with a Chef, who knows how to cook a mean seafood dish.

Gather the fish he requires and drop them into the pot without letting the natives interfere.

A game developed for the 25th GM48 jam.

Listen to the soundtrack.


Seafood 3 MB

Development log


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I only have one complaint, and that is why are the specific types so freakin' rare?

But it's a very good game. I love the art style especially c:

The more interesting coloured fish spawn less frequently, but the chance of you having to get one increases the later you get in game. You may have just got some unlucky spawns though!

Thank you so much for playing and your kind words!

c: you are very welcome

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Peaceful game. I love the music. At first I was confused on why the chef wouldn't take some of the fish. If others play, make sure you give him the fish that matches the color of the fish he needs.